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KBCN Pre-Production consists of planning session, script writing/review, story boarding, location scouting (if necessary) and creation of shooting schedule. Here is the KBCN Pre-Production Cost:

*Hourly (Minimum 2 Hours) : $55.00

**1/2 Day: $175.00

***Full Day: $350.00

Video Shooting

sony_pmw-150-largeThe only variance of day rates is the number of cameras used. Unlike many other production companies, there is no extra charge for additional equipment such as more lights, track & dolly, green screen or a crane. The day rate remains the same, but additional equipment does increase set-up and take down times so actual shooting time will vary. We bring any and all equipment necessary for your project. Please note: On-Location shooting is available.


1 Camera: $125.00

2 Camera:  $250.00


1/2 Day:

1 Camera: $375.00

2 Camera: $575.00


Full Day:

1 Camera: $850.00

2 Cameras: $1275.00

*Half Day 5 hours (includes travel and set-up/take down time)
**Full Day 9 hours (includes travel and set-up/take down time)
***Overtime is billed at regular hourly rates. Typical actual shooting time is 2½ – 3 hours.

Video Editing


Consists of video editing, sound sweetening, music, sound effects, titling, graphics, special effects, virtual set creation and animation.



1/2 Day:


Full Day:


For more information about our Videography Services contact us at (678) 670-1112 or (888)705-0036 Ext. 1.