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Kingdom Tru-Vision Network is an online linear television network that operates at a higher level than your cable or digital networks. We are the pioneers of video streaming interactive web broadcasting and understands how important video content is to businesses and consumers.  In today’s market place over 85% of businesses use video as a tool for marketing and 68% of consumers watch live streaming video on 4 or more devices while 75% of them use their personal devices to view video content everyday. Over 90% of consumers expect to view video content whether live or on-demand regardless of the device. Kingdom Tru-Vision Network has the solution to your live video streaming and video on-demand needs.

Kingdom TV can stream your live events, we stream in full HD (High Definition).  Our viewers can view the content in full screen to maximize the HD Video Quality.

The Kingdom TV Network can be seen on all devices:


Desktops, Mobile Phones, Tablets, and More!

Our  HTML 5/Flash Video Player is compatible with 99% of internet browsers.  This includes most mobile browsers on devices such as iPads and Android phones. No need to install apps or special plugins to view. Here are some commonly used browsers: Google, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Skyfire, NETFront, Sea Monkey, Maxthon, Camino, Wii U Browser.

We Provide Analytical Data:

The Kingdom Tru-Vision Network can also accurately track viewers watching your broadcast or advertisement with our analytical tracking system.  Our analytical tracking system gives the following information:

Real-Time Visitors

Active Users

Web Browser Information

Mobile Device Information

Top Countries Viewing 


Broadcast your own show or advertise on the Kingdom Tru-Vision Network.

For more Information please contact our Tru-vision Coordinators: