KBCN Media Network has two Online Global Radio Networks that reaches over 2.1 million listeners every month in over 200 countries. The way we are able to advertise your business to the world is that our Global Radio Networks broadcast on several streaming platforms. These streaming platforms include: Internet, Mobile Devices, Landline Phones, Mobile Apps, Roku, TuneIn Radio App, Social Media, and various Online Radio Directories.

Our two Online Global Radio Networks are KBCN Radio and the Praise House.Com. The Praise House.Com is our global gospel radio network. We feature gospel and christian artists from all over the world. Also, there are teaching and life transformation programs that minister to individuals and ministries. To listen to the Praise House.Com just or call (302) 797-4128.

KBCN Radio is known for being the melting pot of music, information, and inspiration. KBCN Radio’s musical format consist of Adult Contemporary, Jazz, R&B Oldies, Country, and Indie Artists. Also our format consist of expert information including news, politics, banking and finance, music, and global community affairs. Tune in and listen to KBCN Radio by or call. (605) 562-5460.


Let us customize an affordable advertising package or ask us how to start your own radio show by call us at 888-705-0036 or (678) 670-1112. Also, we can show you how to livestream your event or start your own radio network.

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